Friday, September 11, 2009

David Foster gave me goosebumps..

Watched David Foster & Friends concert on DVD last night and yep!! It has successfully given me goosebumps for an hour or so.. it's just WOW!! their voices, so AMAZING!! I tried to sing a long but all that came out is a squeak, hahaha.. because they are singing in high tunes.. hahaha..

Well, if you happen to drop by music store, don't miss this.. a bit expensive, but I think it's worth it.. you can see Katherine McPhee, Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Johns, Kenny G, Josh Groban, Babyface, Celine Dion (in video performance), Renne Olstead and many more.. and don't forget, the young talented Philippine's singer, Charice.. such an amazing voice, believe me.. I love her..

I wanted to try Aiza Sequerra too.. listened to her CD at the store, but it was expensive also, about Rupiahs for one CD.. so I skipped it and hopefully, if I'm lucky, I can download it on the web, hahahaha..

Hmm.. oke then, night everyone.. going to bed with David Foster's CD on.. haha..
sweet dreams..


Sari said...

David Foster...hmmm...salah satu jenius musik yang aku suka walopun ga kenal banget sama karya2nya :)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Sari: pokok nya lagu2 keren terkenal sepanjang masa.. Glory of Love nya Peter Cetera, Because You Love Me nya Celine Dion and lagu2 Celine Dion yg laen.. buanyak deh.. hehe..

thanks yaaa udah komen (^^,)*