Thursday, September 10, 2009

Me with novel-based-movies..

I just finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife (Audrey Niffenegger) this afternoon, and WOW.. just can't wait till the movie is released. I hope it's as good.. I'll be expecting a lot of flash backs (going back and forth between the past and future) as it is so in the book. But, seeing the trailer, I think it's going to be a bit different, hmm..

Sometimes I wonder, why do I always have the tendency to do this.. whenever there's a novel-based-movie, I'll look for the book and read it before I see them. And most of the time, end up with disappointment, ugh.. except for The Lord of The Rings, because I haven't read the book.. the movie came out before I can have my hand on the novels and after I saw the movie, I just lost the appetite to read, hahaha.. I did read a few chapters but didn't finish it because my friend was reading it (and the book is his, so yea.. I didn't bother to borrow either, haha..).

So far, Harry Potter was nice, although they change some scenes and shorten them a bit, it's nice.. but I don't really like the last one.. because they burned down the Burrow (Weasley's house), while there supposed to be a wedding there on the 7th book.. huh?! Where else Bill and Fleur gonna get married now?

Inkheart, from the book Titenhertz by Cornelia Funke was a big disappointment (well, for me). The scenes just jumping from one to another and if you haven't read the book, you might don't understand the story.. well, that's what I think..
I don't like The Secret of The Moon Acre too.. the movie is not like what I have imagine when I was reading it..
Ahh.. Twilight!! The book itself is a love fantasy actually, but it's okay.. the movie not so okay tho.. the feelings shown, not as deep as in the book, hahaha.. now I'm talking like I'm an expert, haha.. well, just sharing the thought.

So far, to me, the books-based-movies are not as good as the book itself.. or maybe, I should just stop. See the movie first and then read it. Hey! I just remembered, one good novel-based-movie, P.S. I love You!! haha..
Maybe it's because it's a drama story so it makes it easier, while with fantasies, readers have the whole universe to imagine, and each may be different from the others ya?
I'll stop complaining too much.. besides, all the script writers, directors, producers, the artist, all the people behind the scenes.. they have worked so hard.. I should appreciate that, but (still) the audience just want MORE!! (hahaha..)

I'm reading The Shadow of The Wind, book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon now..


benny said...

hmm resensi nya tokcer banget.
iya i jg disappointd ma inkheart (film), tapi booknya lumayan kok. gaya ceritanya kek thirteenth stories. p.s. i luv u sweeeet banget. kalo suka ps iloveyou mesti coba juga jodi picoult, bagus2 tuh. book yg ini blm baca tuh. nonton filmnya aja ah. ;p
thx for the sharin.

Rashai said...

I am just too lazy to read a book :) but do love novel-based movies, the trilogy of LOTR are my favorite ones so far, watched Twilight just a month ago, not bad tho :)

prafangga permana said...

nice posting friend, keep blogging with smile

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Benny: waa.. Jodi Picoult aku lom pernah baca Ben. yg mana yg bagus? My Sister's Keeper? djadiin film kan yah?

thanks juga :)

@ Rashai: hahaha.. LOTR mang keren..
nunggu New Moon? lanjutan nya Twilight, hehe..

@ P-Permana: *smilin' :)
salam kenal yah.. thanks for droppin' by..

benny said...

pagi jean. mumpung ada wkt ol nih, komen ah yg panjang. ;p

iya my sister`s keeper tokcer tuh. LOTR 'cool' banget, tp saia lebih demen sm The Hobbit deh. yg tokoh utamanya si pamannya frodo itu loh.

komen tentang konsernya disini aja ya ;p. hihi. asik jg ya bisa nonton konser. saia sih belum menemukan hasrat untuk kesitu *wew...* yg bisa bikin saia goosebump cuma film serem, atao nontoning performancenya mulan kwok. *lho?* ^_____^
udah ah, ntar bosen lagi. bye ^0^

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Benny: thanks info nya, ntar aku coba baca klo the Shadow of the Wind nya dah kelar deh :)

klo nonton film seram, g merinding, tp bawaan nya pengen tutup mata and telinga plus ngintip2 dikit.. hahaha..
g tau d, denger suara yg cakep2 gtu bisa merinding.. asal ojo suara *hikikikikik aja.. suara kuntilanak, hahaha..

Angel said...

me too me too! aku jga suka kecewa sama novel yg dibuat film. LoTR boleh lah, soalnya novel nya ribet. hahaha. harpot mengecewakan, kecuali spesial efek nya.
Yg PS I Love you bagus. sampe mewek2 :P sesegukan nangisnya.
Marley&Me jga bagus.

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Angel: yo'i.. LOTR novel nya derkriptif banget..
hehe.. aku malah lom baca and nonton Marley & Me.. dvd nya dah nongkrong di laci, hahaha..