Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A little trip..

I went to Singapore just few days ago, with my parents and my two little brother.. My father just doing a regular check up on his eye and we want to see my youngest brother's lung's condition. Well, it went okay (^^,)*
Arrived on Thursday night, had dinner and went to bed.. Spent Friday on doctors in Mount E and Camden and then FREE.. we had a walk, some shopping, too bad.. we missed Sentosa because it was raining on Sunday.. believe me, I've never been there and I was excited that I brought along my Fish Eye camera, hoping to find good scenery, but the rain just flush it all out.. then, it's okay.. meaning more shopping time!! hahaha..

Didn't spend a lot though, just bought some cheap shirts and a skirt at Bugis and some sale party dresses at Tangs, haha.. and don't forget, craft books at Kino. One still missing tho, the book Meet Me at Mike's by Pip Lincolne.. Kino is out of it and the shop assistant at Borders couldn't find the book I asked on the system, what?! Hmm.. I wonder if I should get it online.. :(

By the way, it was the first weekend of the month and there's MAAD going on, but I didn't go.. such a shame.. I've been wanting to visit MAAD exhibitions at the Red Dot, but I always went there on the mid or the end of month and now when I arrived at the right time, I just didn't go.. haha.. well, can't leave the fam. It's okay tho..

The day before we went, I was browsing on facebook and I found this.. Breadou.. fake bread made out of sponge I think.. it's cute. My brother brought me some when he came back from Shanghai last July, but it was different. And I'm interested with the loaf shape.. we can use it as a wrist rest while typing on keyboard, nice eh?! And if you're feeling stressed out or mad and anything, you can squeeze it, but just don't tear it apart or worst, eat it, okay? haha..
And as usual, I browse the place where I can find it.. and we went to Action City in Plaza Singapura.. haha.. brought the loaf and some roti toast as souvenirs for fam. They also sell it online here in Indo, but I thought yah sekalian lah, pas jalan kesana.. hehe..

The trips was nice.. miss being there with Indra tho (so much!).
The house owner said Singapore is really2 sepi this year.. not so much tourist.. guess the economic condition is still going down and down.. it is predicted that next year Europe will have recession and then Asia.. wow.. better be careful with all our assets and save them abroad is kinda wise I guess (not that I have one, just a thought).. well, who knows.. just hope the awful things happen in 1997 won't happen again.. the minorities have always become the victim, right? *fingers crossed.. ojo sampe kejadian lagi deh.. Amin.

Hey, the Lebaran holiday is near.. any plans?
We're just going to spend it at Malang, Batu.. hope it will be great!! (^^,)* and yours too..


Jiewa said...

Breadou.. hm, mirip buanget ama roti beneran ya. Awas lho ntar kalo laper bisa dimakan huehehe..

Aku pernah liat yg wrist rest untuk mouse, bentuknya bulet kayak roti boy (in smaller size)..

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Jiewa: haha.. ada cc nya temen ku Jie, digigit beneran ama dia.. jadi nya nyimpen roti bolong deh.. hahaha..

kayanya dsini jg udah banyak banget Jie, tp bukan merk Breadou, yg Breadou ada tp beli online (ada FB nya).. d PGS loh Jia klo mau cari yg gantungan kunci or hape, wuakehh!! hahaha..

Angel said...

wah breadou yg asli!aku punya yg palsu nya :p

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Angel: iya.. aku yg palsu jg punya.. sama aja sih lucu nya.. tp pas nemu, pengen beli yg panjang2 ini.. jadi nyari deh.. hahaha..

bisa beli online tuh Ngel klo tertarik..

btw, kamar nya dah dapet?

Angel said...

tar pas ke sana aja aku cari. temen ku paad mau nitip juga. yg beruang lucu :3

apartemen udah di booking sama temen ku, ga tau pake yg mana jadinya. hehehe. Tapi aku bingung, kok belom DP DP ya. jadi takut. katanya ntar aja DP nya.

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Angel: klo DP, rasanya pas ketemu org nya dsana Ngel.. yg penting booking tgl, haha..

iya.. lucu2 bgt.. aku g beli kmrn yg beruang..
aku nemu nya d Action City. #B floor Plaza Singapura, d tempat lain kyk nya banyak jg.. hehe.. liat web nya aja.. hehe..
klo bsa cari yg bsa GST klo mau belu banyak.. kmrn Action City lom bisa GST.. :(

Michele Gracia said...

mau beli breadou asli???

klik link ini yaaa
dijamin harga memuaskan!!
lebih murah drpd di ol shop lain!!!
belii yuukk ^^