Saturday, November 19, 2011

10 Things

I’ve been wanting to make a journal or daily routine notes like I said I would, but yea.. it’s not working out like I expected. I started it one day, but the forgot about on the next until more than a month.. sigh.. I guess I’m not that committed enough to do those things.

I was browsing again today and found out, that there seems to be one thing that the bloggers do, they tell 10 things about themselves. They might be feelings, thoughts, sources of inspiration, photos, ideas, and just anything..

I think I’m going to try this today.. so, here I go..

1. That’s a photo of me and my husband, Indra. We just got married last October 10th, 2010. We already celebrate our 1st anniversary and now, we’re 7 months 1 day pregnant and it’s a baby boy :-) The baby will due on February 2012, so looking forward to it. I hope I can give birth normally and I also hope we both (my husband and I) can become a good parent.

2. I like Instant photos.. I have 1 Polaroid camera, 3 Fuji Instax Cameras (7s Choco, 50s Piano Black and Wide 210). I also influenced my brother, sister-in-laws and friends to have one too. And I made a little profit selling some cameras, refills and accessories in my little online shop.

3. I’m so into scrapbook now.. I spent a lot of cash to buy some of scrapbook supplies and tools already.. already made 3 sheets of 12″x12″ ready made pages to give to my friends as you can see on my previous posts. And I’m planning to make cute mini books after this.. I hope I can make my hobby into a little business :-p

4. I’m in the middle of making another 12″x12″ page layout. One of my friend saw the one I made the last time and she asked if I can make another one for her. So I told her I can make another one, but it won’t be the same exact layout since I don’t have the same paper anymore.. I said I’m going to make another one, and she can take it if she likes it. Now I’m a bit stuck with the design, haha.. Does an amateur in scrapbooking always face this?

5. My husband is going to Jakarta and Bandung tomorrow for CCTV training, and I’ll be at home alone with my sister-in-law. But I think I’ll be spending a few nights at my parents house.. miss spending time with them.. well, since getting married, you won’t be going home to your parents too often right? Got new duties and works to do :p

6. Since I’m already 7 months pregnant, it means.. shopping time!!! In Chinese tradition (I don’t know about other beliefs), they said when we got pregnant, we cannot directly prepare things for the coming child at the early stages of pregnancy. We have to wait until we’re at least 7 months pregnant.
I don’t know the reasons behind this belief, but to think about it logically.. in the early stages, the 1st trimester for example, we haven’t know our child gender right? What if we ended up buying pink flowery baby clothes for a baby boy? It would be a waste of money.. So yea.. I can’t wait to shop for my baby boy needs!!! 0(>.<)0

7. We’re planning to go to a durian park tomorrow. I’ve never been there before.. but my friends said it’s nice and they have a small restaurant there. We might go there together tomorrow for lunch, right before driving my hubby to the airport. For sure, I’m going to bring my Instax cameras (the wide and mini ones) to save some memories of 7th month preggies and probably going to make it into scrapbook ;-)

8. My little brother, Sean just got himself a new cell phone, Blackberry. Well, it’s not a new unit, just the one that my other brother, Didiet, used to have. Sean is down syndrome, but I think he’s pretty smart for a kid with DS. Maybe because he has DS too that my parents are a bit spoiling him, how you think an 11 year-old can get a Blackberry phone? But it’s for a good purpose, he chats with me last night, he still cannot use space bar and dots or comas well, but he knows what he is talking about. So I guess it’s good because he can still learn to read and write with it.
We warned him not to take it to school or lend it to anybody though.. :-)

9. It’s just started to rain hard here.. the weather is so unpredictable nowadays.. it could be really hot in the morning till noon, but rain really hard in the evening or vice versa. Better take care, peeps! Don’t get sick.

10.I’m craving for cupcakes.. especially after I saw that episode about making cupcakes on Master chef US last night. I’ve googled some recipes, going to buy some ingredients like tomorrow and work on it on Monday I guess. Hmm.. I hope I can make a good decent one, since it is my first time baking!! *fingers crossed :-p

Pheww.. I’m glad I can finish this 10 things ;-) Now I’m going to continue my work and probably arrange my office cabinet if I had time. If there’s more, I might going to finish my scrapbook too :-)

Have a great weekend, peeps!!

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