Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Very First Baking Attempt..

I’ve been wanting to bake cupcakes since I don’t know when.. Had a craving for cupcakes, but I still can’t find a decent cupcake store here (in my home town) like those ones in Jakarta or Surabaya..

My hubby is in Jakarta right now and I hope he’ll be bringing some home tomorrow.. YAY! :-)

But today.. I feel like baking one..
Found a red velvet cupcake recipe on Joy of Baking about a week ago and dreaming about baking some of my own..
I have never bake a cake before, except those time when I attended cooking classes, but still.. I didn’t do it on my own, the teacher helped me.
So, I bought some ingredients yesterday & yup.. this morning.. I baked a batch of red velvet cupcakes.

After 2 hours struggling in the kitchen and taraaaaa…

My husband said the shape is a mess.. hahah.. I cannot say that they’re pretty too.. haha..
I think I put too much cake batter in the muffin cup too :-p
Another lesson learned.. I must have put the cake on the middle tray.. I put it below, so yea.. got the base of the cupcakes burned.
They taste okay though.. :-p
I left some in the fridge for my husband to try when he come home tomorrow.

Too bad I messed the cream cheese frosting.. it won’t go thick, I don’t know why.. but I’m going to try to make some again next time, and I hope it will be more successful :-)

Click here for the recipe if you would like to try baking some too.
Enjoy the rest of the day!

I’m sure I’m going to enjoy mine with a cup of coffee & my cupcakes :-)

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