Friday, November 25, 2011

My Pregnancy Mini Book - WIP Sneak Peak

This is a sneak peak of the project I currently working on.. a mini book of my pregnancy :-)

It all started when we brought home a lot of ultrasound photos after a visit to the doctor. I was about to put it in a photo album, but then I thought.. hey.. I bought a lot of paper and embellishment supplies already, why don’t I try make a little journal for my pregnancy.. ;-) right?! So I started cutting 12″ x 12″ scrapbook papers in to 4″ x 6″ and yap.. it’s too small for the 4D ultrasound.. :-(

I took some A4 thick plain papers and divided them in two for the pages.. and stick the 4″ x 6″ papers I cut before on them.. I thought they will make a nice accent.

Then, I started to stick photos, a little notes about each visits, made a little envelope for memorabilia (such as my pregnancy test-strips), made a semi-accordion page, etc..
These are some of the pictures of the projects.. I don’t know how to explain each thing I did on the mini album, so I hope the pictures can tell :-p

This page is going to be the cover, I haven’t attach any embellishment tho.. still looking for an inspiration, I guess :-p

The first page.. 1st visit to the doctor..
We went to two doctors, the first one did an ultrasound (USG), but we couldn’t see anything because the baby fetus was still so small I guess, so I took the urine test.
The second doctor (only) touched my stomach and said.. “ahh it’s still too small to be seen on USG, we’ll have it next month, ok? For now, just do the urine test.”
And yap, I have a few strips of self pregnancy test, hahaha.. two I did by myself and another two from the doctor.. I kept them all in that tiny envelope ;-)

This one is from the 5th month, when we finally figure out the baby’s gender.. and it’s a BOY!
My husband wanted a girl at first, but when we found out that it’s a boy, he couldn’t help to be happy too.. since he’ll get a tiny sidekick playing games (and probably doing some mischief), hahahaha..

I just bought some clear stamps, so I decided to try it on this page :-) pretty satisfied with what I did.
I can’t wait till the next doctor visit and the labor time.. I surely going to treasure this one. :-)

I’ll post some more details on the pregnancy mini book next time, so you’ll be able to picture how it’s going to look like when it finished. *so excited* (the baby just kicked, I think he’s excited too >.< ).

Good night ya’ll.. have a wonderful dream..

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