Saturday, November 26, 2011

10 Things

1. I just watched Breaking Dawn : Part 1 with my hubby two days ago..
And I wonder, why does everybody always think that the girls who saw these Twilight saga series are the girls who are crazy about Edward Cullen, the vampire; or Jacob, the werewolf? I’m telling you, I’m not one of those girls.
Yes, I read the novels, all of them, but that just it. And yes, I watched the movies, but it’s only the matter of curiosity (of how it would be, whether it will be the same with the novels or not). And telling you the truth, I’m more a Harry Potter girl.. I love that book. I always end up reading the series each time the new movie comes out. And I will not get bored watching every time they were played on HBO, Star Movies, etc. I love Harry Potter!! haha..

2. I’ve been into Pinterest lately.. browsing through all the photos there, especially kid photos, toddlers’ toy ideas, craft ideas, D-I-Y ideas, kids photos, wedding photos, inspirational quotes, and many more..
You can follow mine and see the things I pinned (like), and you’re welcome to pin them too :-)

3. Since my first (failed) cupcake.. I feel like baking and baking more..
Well, I’m not a cook. And in fact, I can’t cook.. But I realize that I’m a wife and (soon) a mom, I have to be able at least cook an easy meals for my husband and future kids. I’m planning to try making mini raspberry pies and pizza tomorrow, wish me luck ;-)

4. The weather is so HOT today! Oh and I hate it. Well, being pregnant, our body temperature is a bit high, right?! And I’ve been sweating and my skin is sticky.. to make it worst, the air conditioner is not working like it’s used to be.. not cold at all.. arghh..

5. Although today is a really really hot day, I still feel a bit happy.. the baby’s been kicking all day.. probably saying “Relax Mom, be patient.. I’m here with you..” hahaha.. I love him. Oh yea.. we forgot to visit the doctor today, we missed the appointment. I’ll have to make another one for Monday or Tuesday.

6. Sometimes I forgot to forget..
Have you ever been hurt? I guess everybody’s been hurt, for at least once in their life. And I got to say, I have. I’ve already forgiven about it, but I think sometimes I’m still afraid (or maybe traumatic), that it may happen again. And that’s how I forgot to forget.

7. YAY!! The packages just came in today. The mini chipboard albums I ordered just came.. but my paper hasn’t.. :-(
I’d love to make a lot of pretty mini albums for little boys, little girls and cute couples, hehe.. wish me luck!

8. I enjoy watching the new Star Movies serial comedy, New Girl. It is said to be the next comedy series that will become as phenomenal as Friends. Well, watching today’s episode (P is for PEN…), it is really hilarious!! My husband stared at me while I’m busting into laugh through the episode (he was busy on his laptop and iPhone, so he didn’t really notice what I’m watching and just a bit shocked when I laughed hard :-p). I think I’m going to follow the series, since I like Zooey Deschanel too.. love the tone of her voice, her eyes and her character here ;-)

9. I’d like to find a 1 x 2 meters baby crib for my soon-coming little baby.. I wish I could give him his own nursery room.
Or maybe, his own kiddos room and a nursery for a little brother / sister. *fingers crossed.

10. Last, I’d love to share this with you..
Stay creative and always be inspired everyday.

Good night everyone.. sweet dreams..

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