Monday, November 28, 2011

Making Pear Raspberry Pie

Been craving for raspberry these last few weeks.. but the supermarket here has been out of stock for months.
So when my parents went abroad and planned to stop by at Jakarta, or when my brother who lives in Surabaya planned to come and my husband is about to go to Bandung.. I asked them, please bring some raspberries home with you.. hahaha..
And my husband and mother in law brought a LOT! 5 packs of raspberries!!! YAY!!! I wonder how can I finish them all..

But of course, I don’t want to be greedy and finish them all by myself :-p

I found this recipe on a back issue of Living magazine by Martha Stewart months ago, and I think it looks really delicious and if only I can find raspberries, I’m going to make some.. and yes, I did.

I made the pastry on Saturday night and save them in a fridge.. I think it’s not a really success dough, because it’s so easy to get soft. But the fridge helped a bit.

And yesterday, I made my first batch.
Please don’t compare the looks with Martha’s.. hahaha.. it’s really ugly >.<

I don’t have heart cookie cutter, so I used a saucer and made round shape pies.
I also have to divide it into three batches since the oven is really small, it can only cook 4 pieces of pies with 10 cm diameter.. oh well..
We had the first batch for my husband, mother in law and myself.. my mother in law said it’s yummy, sweet sour and crispy.. nice combination ;-)
My husband likes it too.. his comment is that it’s a little too big.. he got full for just one.. hahaha..

I still have some more pastry dough and filling, and I made some again this morning.
Cut them into smaller size and crimped the edges with a fork, which I thought it might give a better look and to seal the edges.

I’m pretty satisfied with the result.. my husband said it’s a bite size and yummy. He likes them!! YAY!!
He doesn’t really like sour food, you know.. but he likes this one.. so happy :-)
And all I need is to improve more on the looks, hahaha.. the size between the pies are different.. haha..
They make yummy breakfast though.. :-9

Here’s the recipe if you want to make some.

Enjoy your day!!!

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