Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My 28 List

Found this a while ago on Kelly Purkey’s blog and always wanted to make one for my own..
I should’ve made this after my last birthday.. but I hope it’s not to late if I make the list now.. it’s just that I have a shorter time to fulfill them all, because the deadline will be my upcoming birthday next year.. whoops! It’s only half a year a.k.a six months.. can I finish the list? Oh well, I’ll just write some that I have written on my notes a while ago.. some may have been done since I wrote it till now, but I’ll tell you which later..

Here’s my 28 list :

1. Lose weight
2. DO exercise
3. Learn to cook (I’m a wife now, I think it would be a plus if I can cook at least simple meals :-p )
4. Visit new places (3 new places at least)
5. Make new friends
6. Try something new (things / skills)
7. Be more organized
8. Use my LOMO cameras (at least shoot a roll of film)
9. Make a scrapbook (digital / traditional)
10. Earn some from my hobby
11. Make a mini book
12. Donate things I own that I don’t need anymore
13. Learn to wear make up
14. Make something out of felt
15. Save more (on cash)
16. Have a trip with my loved ones
17. Finish a project
18. See a show / concert
19. Bake a pastry from scratch
20. Watch great movies
21. Write everyday
22. Use my PIVI & Shelpy printer
23. Learn to let things go
24. Pray more (everyday)
25. Complete a month daily album (December for example)
26. Finish my shop’s stocks
27. Trust more
28. Make a family of three.. a.k.a get pregnant

So.. how about you? Do you have a list too? Is there anything you want to accomplish before your next birthday? Let me know :-)

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