Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Going Small Next Year?

I’m so glad I can really do Project Life this year. I decided to start last year, but when Michael came.. every plan just burst and messed all over the place. I didn’t make any layouts (I think only 2 or 30, and the PL quit just like that. I still have the pictures saved in computer tho.. and I’m think of replacing it with monthly review of 2012 or Michael’s 1st year.
So, this year.. I finally can do PL, and it’s going on to the 2nd album already.. now I get it why everybody must have 2 albums each year.. the 52 weeks cannot stay in one album because of the photos, journaling and more over if you are using thick embellishment.
But yea, I still need to catch up on some weeks that I skipped because I haven’t found the right picture, embellishment, lost tracks or just because.. haha..
By the way, I’m also thinking about switching to smaller PL format next year. I’ve been seeing some people done that this year and thought that it’s fun and not taking too much space on the table. I’ve gathered some inspiration for smaller PL pages using Snap! book, Studio Calico’s handbook etc. And I’ve pinned them too!
I really like what Kristin ( did with her summer album and this baby album using Snap!.
Got so many ideas and projects I wanted to do. I hope I can do them all :)
Have a great day!

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