Monday, December 09, 2013

Hello December! | An Update

Hi! Hello again on December!
I just got the chance to write on my blog since we got home from hospital.
And YAY! We got a gorgeous baby girl!!
Meet her..
 Fae Mayleen Zhang
Born on November 22nd 2013
on 8.12 A.M
Weight : 3.250 kg
Height : 49 cm

That is her first photo.. I'm thinking about putting it into a layout soon.. or at least in her mini album. 
And yup, she's also the reason that I just had the time to post now.. haha.. been busy spending time with her and her big brother. So glad that Michael really love his little sister. Both, my husband and I are trying so that he won't feel left behind with all the attention that has been on Fae lately. I hope he'll love his sister so much and won't get jealous or things. Here's my favorite photo of them..

By the way, this time, I can breastfeed my baby too.. the first time with Michael, I couldn't give enough breast milk.. well, didn't produce as much before.. and this second time, I'm so thankful that I'm given a chance to be able to fully breastfeed her.. so, this got me a little bit more occupied, haha.. but I'm soo sooo happy!

Another update.. and another good news..
I won a challenge at 2Peas for the very first time! Was so happy when I got home and opened 2Peas blog and found my name.. YAY!! 
I think I'm going to use the voucher to buy Wilna's class.. I'm a fan! 

I haven't work on my PL.. I'm still gathering some photos, I think I'm going to double print them.. one to put on PL and the other on the baby Fae's album.. 
Wow! Got a lot of things to do. 

I think this is all the update I can write for now.. 
And these are some photos of us..

Decorate the photos with my favorite apps, A Beautiful Mess & Rhonna Designs.
Have a great day!

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