Friday, January 09, 2009

Twilight.. the new Harry Potter?

It seems that everybody is talking about a movie and novel, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. The girls are talking and sometimes in high pitch and hysterically about the main male character, Edward Cullen. And the boys just go "what so good about him that made girls go crazy like that?" haha.. And I just have no idea that time, I haven't read the book.

Honestly, I don't have any interest at all about it (at first, I have to add).
But then, my boyfriend's sister were telling me about it; that she finished the Indonesian version of Twilight in just four hours and that she's asking her friend in Spore to buy her the limited edition and how excited she was when she got them in her hands.. I really don't have any idea what make it so interesting. Then, she hand me the book.. at first, (to be honest) I took it as a polite response coz she brought it for me. I don't know whether I'll read it or not.. hehe.. sorry QQ, Cece was not that interested the first time.

As I'm going back to Surabaya soon after, I brought the book with me.. I started reading it two days ago, when I couldn't found anything new to read.. I just still remembered every detail stories of my novel and comic books.. hehe.. so I started reading.. and yeah!! Once I set my eyes in it, I just lost track of time. It consumed me, to make it sound more dramatic, kind of possessed, thirst (like a vampire for blood) and dying to know how the story goes.. haha.. Like last night, I thought I'll just read a chapter or two after chatting with Indra, but then, two hours passed.. gosh!!
And I just finished it today.. fiuhh.. and QQ, may I borrow the next? hehe.. I sort of asked a friend if her sister could buy me the novels when she's coming home later. hehe..
I said to myself, "Now you know it, Jeanne!"
hahaha.. it just keep you curious and curious what will happen next, and I had to admit, I like the girl, Bella and the boy, Edward is just charming indeed. No wonder girls fall in to him.

I haven't watched the movie tho. I saw the poster and wonder the girls are so crazy about this pale skinny guy??? Maybe coz I haven't seen him in a better look, well, we'll see..
Then I just learned, that the cast for Edward Cullen is actually Robert Pattinson, the very same one playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, and yeaa.. he's not that cute!! Why?? I don't think it's the right cast, haha.. well, it's only my opinion, it's ok if you other girls disagree.
Well, I couldn't think of other option too tho, the one playing in my head while reading it was faceless.. the most I see is just the hands, figures, and all different from the movie poster I just saw. I thought Alice would look great in silky blonde hair and Rosalie would be so mysteriously gorgeous in dark hair and red apple lips, but DANG!! just the opposite.. haha..

I just browsed on the movie just now, and saw the trailer and decided "it's not as good as the book".
It's true what people say, "better see the movie first, and then read the book"
You'll see a lot of things missing and just not fall in the right place like in the book. Sometimes they add and change things so that it can fit in, but it just made us (ones that already read the book) think, "Hey, that's not right. It's supposed to be like this..".

But I still want to know how it is, the movie..


Indra said...

hence my comment in Facebook hahahaha cape dee LoL

oh well, I'll just wait for the movie (although you girls claim it won't be as good as the book). I don't think I can last reading it :)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Indra: *tepuk jidat.. hehe..
I know you won't read, haha..

Angels said...

I'm having trouble finding the 4th book. Ebook na sih udah ada, tpi lebih asik klo baca dari aslinya. tiap cari di mana2 abis OMG..Tau gt g beli waktu di perplus airport :( nyesel deh. besides, di airport lebih murah :))

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Aku jg pengen neh..kmrn pas balik sini g beli,soal e blm tertarik.Ntar deh,hehe..
Btw,d Periplus pake HSBC disc 10-15% kan? Lumayan bkn yg box edition yaa??

steph said...

dulu sama skali ga minat baca twilight dkk. sebulan sbelum filmnya beredar, liat posternya. OMG ganteng... diniatin deh. skarang addicted :)) *ngetawain diri sendiri*