Monday, February 02, 2009

Finally... Supersampler..

As I told ya.. I always want to have Supersampler as my first Lomo cam.. just that I didn't get the chance yet.. It's always empty in stock and when I saw it on the store, it's always booked. So yea, I finally decided to order too.. hm.. maybe about few days before I went to Banjarmasin.

And then, a few days before I got back to Surabaya.. one of Ore store's folks called, told me that my Supersampler has arrived! YAY! Feel like getting it right away, but of course cannot lah ya.. I was still in Banjarmasin gituu..

So I just took it today.. yehaaa.. bought a film first so that I can try it right away.. although yea, I wouldn't know the result until I finish the whole roll (36 exposure, ugh, what should I take with it?).
Happy? Of course lah yaa..
This is the Supersampler.. rubberize blue with all the package, books, manual and receipt from Ore.

And this is a view from it's rubber viewfinder..

Ohya, before I went back to Banjarmasin, I got myself another toy cam.. Golden Half. Ever heard about it? Well, it's a hal sife format camera for 135 films. If you're using 36 exp. films, it can produce 72 photos.. of course in a half size of the usual pics. It's really cute. So small you can put it in your pocket. I bought the limited edition, designed by Superheadz with Chelsea Maika.. and the colour is babyBLUE!!

Haha.. I think now you notice that I'm a bit.. or.. okay, maybe a lot crazy about these toy cameras.. they're just so cute I couldn't resist.
Why not buy a digital camera? Well, it's more canggih, we can check the photos right away, don't have to wait till you developed it in the studio.. no regrets when the photos don't come out right, coz you can take a new one right away at the same time.. g kayak kamera film, pas d cek elek, yo wes.. haha..

Yah, gimana ya.. unexplainable deh rasa nya tuh.. It's just fun and I enjoy the curiousity of how my photos will look like.

This is my camera family.. quite a few yaa..
The old Nikon is my Dads'. I have to fix it first. Somehow it got ants stuck in the lens.. uaneh banget. Hmm.. dimana ya yg bisa ngebetulin cam d Sby? kayak e masih tetep harus dikirim k Jakarta.

this picture is poorly taken by BB Curve 8320 built in camera.. not so good.. hiks..


Indra said...

bayanganku super sampler ukurannya kecil, ternyata lumayan ya.. hehehe emang ce ku ini suka photo juga, meski "jurusan" berbeda hahahaha good thing we had similar hobbies :)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

@ Indra: iya.. lumayan gede emang beb.. yg kecil yah golden half nya aja, hehehe..

yo'i.. it's great! I wonder how it would be if I had taken the same major, haha.. I took economics tho..