Monday, March 09, 2009

Spreading the Korean Syndrome..

Woohoo!! as you already know.. I'm in a really Korean mood right now, or since Alex. Btw, I have memorized Saranghao's lyrics.. hehe.. I'm going to sing it the next time I had a chance to karaoke, hahaha.. well, if I can find it on the list ('^,)*
When I went to Pasar Atum yesterday, I also looked for some K-Pop CDs, can't found any Clazziquai apalagi Alex, but I found Wonder Girls, Korean soundtrack albums, some compilations..
Haven't listen to them all yet, but I like Wonder Girls.. the song, Nobody is kinda cute, the MV is funny too.. I embeded it here..

Cute eh? hahaha..
Besides getting myself to know more about Korean, I'm also spreading it to my boyfriend, haha..
I sent him a copy of Alex CD with my personal CD cover, designed by me with the help of photofunia for the TV thing. I hope he likes it. (^^,)*

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