Thursday, November 20, 2014


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YL Everyday Oils Kit | A Simple Insect Repellent & Remedy

Today I want to share with you some recipe for bugs repellent and treatments for bugs bite, using the oils included in the Everyday Oils Kit.

I hate mosquito!!
Yes, especially because my kids' skins are really sensitive to them.
I found some recipes, only using these three oils; Lavender (my favorite), Purification and Lemon! You can find all three in the kit.
Living in Indonesia, which weather is hot and humid at the same time, you can expect a lot of insects "friends" around the house, from mosquito, flies, bees and ants. I'm used to stock up the house with mosquito spray, but then, I learnt that those kinds of sprays have pesticides in their ingredients. And other toxic things such as DEET and other chemicals that are actually not safe for us. Some bugs sprays says that they are safe, and even more of them come with fragrance which we thought it will be safe to breathe them in, while it's NOT!! They are as toxic as the others!! 

As I start to learn living with oils, I try to find ways to avoid those things. 
I really love the idea that the oils I bought have a lot of use for all of us..this is also one of those ways so that my husband will let me spend more on these oils, cheeky me ;-)

Bug Repellent Recipe :
  1. Put 60ml (2 ounces or 1/4 cup) into the spray bottle. 
  2. Add 5 drops of Purification eo & 5 drops of Lemon eo. 
  3. Put spray on top & gently shake before spraying. 
  • Don't add lemon if you plan to be out in the sun, because it is photosensitive. Using a photosensitive oil prior to sunlight or UV exposure could lead to pigmentation changes (skin may get darker) or rashes or cause your skin to burn. 
  • Be careful not to get in the eyes. 

This bug repellent REALLY WORKS! 
I told my husband before we left home that I had made ourselves a bug repellent with the essential oil, and he said he would like to try it. He sprayed it on his legs and I sprayed some on me and the kids too. 
At the dinner place..he said "Hey, I got bitten!" - I was like "WHAAT??!". It's impossible because the source said that it really works.. but what he said after made me relieved. "Oh, it's the spot I didn't spray on before.. Can I borrow it (the repellant) again?", he said, and he sprayed on the bottom of his feet. We are mosquito free family, YAY!!
I haven't try the mixture using Lemon oil yet, but the source said that it work just as well using only Purification oil, only it smells more Lemony. She made one bottle with Lemon for nighttime use and the on without Lemon for daytime use.

Taking care of BUG BITES

When you were out and didn't have insect repellent in hand and got bug bites instead.. we also can make an essential oil remedy. It's all in the kit, YAY!!

Oils we use are either Young Living Purification or Lavender oil.
They can take the itch right out of bites. You can use both too.. Purification at first to cleanse (if you have scratches), wait a minute and then apply the Lavender. At times Purification has made the bite and redness also disappear.

I tried the Lavender on my daughter. I think she got an ants bite few days ago.. she scratched on it and cause a little wounds, it also look swollen. So I applied Lavender on her already cleansed (with water) foot.. after a day, it looks better, not as swollen as before, but there's still a little redness. I attached a few photo of my daughter's foot. (soon)

Oils used:A drop of either Young Living Purification or Lavender essential oil takes the itch right out of bites. At times Purification has made the bite and redness also disappear!

If you have any question about oils, ask away! I'll do my best to answer. I'm still learning myself since I just got started too, but I've learned quite enough to know where to send you if I don't know the answer :-p 

If you'd like to get started using the oils for yourself, I can help you get started with Young Living. You can contact me by email, whats app & Line messenger. 

Jeanne M. Wigoena 
YL #2231050
Email :
Whatsapp : +6285851283366
Line ID : ic.littleshop
Instagram ID : ic_littleshop

Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read the full disclaimer here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Journey with Young Living Essential Oil

It's all started when I saw my friend post on her Instagram about Young Living.
She bought 3 kinds of Young Living essential oil, Thieves, R.C, and Lavender. On her post, she said she was really amazed with the oils. Her family doesn't have to see the doctor anymore (unless the illness is serious), and especially for her kids, when she heard them sneezing, cough or their nose getting runny, she quickly rub them with one of these oils and all the cold and cough symptoms are gone! Her baby sometimes has a restless sleep and often woke up and cried at night.. and after rubbing these oils, she sleeps really well. As for herself and her husband, they work great too, she apply them whenever she has headache or not feeling well.

I begin looking about all those oil stuff.. looking in Instagram, the web itself, asking sellers here and there.. They are kinda pricey, that was my thought at first.. but after reading oil users' testimonials, blog posts, etc.. I think I'm going to give it a try. 

Choosing my first oil

My first intention buying these oils is for my kids. My son, Michael often caught a cold from the environment and some seasonal cold. Fae rarely got sick, but she likes to play with her big brother, so I thought I need something to protect her too. 
I was going to follow my friend, buying those three oils, but after I read again.. I thought I might want some for me and hubby too, hahaha..

And as I'm a newbie in this oily business and after some consultation with one or the YL seller.. I chose the Young Living Everyday Oil Kit. It has 10 kinds of essential oil that you can use everyday.
My favorite from the kit is Lavender (it's good for insects bite, and promote good sleep), Thieves(that support immune system, and yes, it helps my children recover fast), Purification (for it's cleansing effect.. I love the aroma and it cleanses the air too), Pan Away (for my back pain) and Valor (for the stiff neck).
The others are Peace & Calming (also like Lavender, it has relaxing and soothing effects), Joy (for a joyful day), Peppermint (for headache, indigestion and cold), and Frankincense.
You see that the kit has 2 of the oils my friend bought too, the Thieves and Lavender, only in smaller size (hers is 15 ml and on the kit is 5 ml).
I also ordered Myrtle essential oil and V6 for diluting the oils.
And so far,  I'm loving it!!

Since I was planning to order quite a lot, she suggested that I applied as a member too..And I never regret my decision, I'm in love with the oils and planning to buy some more for my family.
I'm also willing to share with you.. if you would like to try these amazing essential oils, be sure to contact me. It will surely be a great deal! :-)

Jeanne M. Wigoena
YL Distributor #2231050
Whatsapp : +6287816722132
Line ID : ic.littleshop

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Post Crossing

So, I decide to start penpal-ing.
I've been thinking about it for some times. Writing letters to a new friend from the other side of the world, getting to know their countries and of course themselves and hopefully to gain friendships.
The cute envelopes, letters, writings and stamps are the bonuses.

I found some new friends through Instagram and there are three beautiful ladies that are writing for me now. I can't hardly wait to receive their letters and write back.
I also decided to join a Snail Mail Project from Snail Mail Ideas and Snail Mail My Email by the SMME Community.

The Snail Mail Project 

You can join the Snail Mail Project every month.
You send your address and get an address from another Snail Mailer.
What so fun is, the one you write to is not the person you will get a snail mail from. It will be a total surprise, and you get two new friends instead of just one! :-)
You can join in too, by clicking the picture above.

Snail Mail My Email Project 

Snail Mail My Email is a worldwide collaborative art project where volunteers handwrite strangers' emails and send physical letters to the intended recipients, free of charge.

It is not actually a post crossing for myself, but I can learn a lot from it, I think. :-)
You can also read more about it by clicking the picture above.

If you happen to be looking for a penpal too.. you can email me at

Have a great day!

Friday, September 26, 2014

2 Layouts | What a Day..

You can say that this is a really productive day for me.. well, in a way.
I managed to clean up the warehouse where we kept all the dining and cook wares, now it will be more accessible and easier to find things in.

I also managed to make 2 layouts of my babies, Michael & Fae.
The first is about the photo that I took yesterday, a really hard to get photo, where Michael and Fae are smiling and looking at the camera, all in the same frame, I love it!!!
And the second one is about Fae starting to stand on her own! YAY! A milestones for her :-)

Here they are:

Layout | Bro & Sis
 I created this using Studio Calico May 2013's Add-On Kit, Big Dipper.
I like all the pattern papers and decided to use all of them as layers behind my photo. Love the stars that indicate that my kids really are my stars and the bright yellow too. I challenge myself to use only the available embellishments in the kit. That way I can use up my stash, I think. 
The vertical title, as an answer to Studio Calico - Weekly Challenge

Freckled Fawn clouds wood veneers that I love so much.. love the rain drops and little hearts too.

And more and more buttons.

Now the second layout, is of my daughter, Fae.
She's starting to stand on her own, and I think I like this quote to be put on her layout.

"What if I fall?
Oh, my darling, what if you fly..?"

I know it's a really pink one, I use the collection from Sarah Jane, Children at Play. I have bought this collection a really really long time ago, 2011 I think.. And just had the chance to use it. 
See? I'm a real hoarder. But I try to limit my scrapbook supply shopping now.. 

Love this mounted stickers!!! And it matches the quotes too.. 

Here's a close up look of the photo, she's standing! And the girl with the flags is like shouting "YAY!! Way to go, Fae!" and I also added letter thickers on the side of the photo with red color which is a bit similar to the background so it won't stand out too much. 

That's all for today. Thanks for looking and I hope you like what you see :-)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Layout | Jakarta - Pop Con Asia 2014

Made this layout for my husband to show my encouragement towards his pursuit in toy designing.

He has a blog,  - a blog he created from his hobby in toys, photography and blogging. Toy as in toys and kultur is culture in English.
In his blog, he writes about his toy reviews, toy photography and news on toy culture in Indonesia. He hopes that international people can acknowledge the growing and potential Indonesian toy designers through his blog.

He opened a booth at the POP CON Asia and collaborate with some abroad toy designers to put their exclusives on his booth. He wanted to introduced his own character too, Gacha. The name came from Godzilla and ocha, as a character design inspired by his favorite kaiju, Godzilla, and his habit in drinking tea / coffee.

I didn't have a lot of photos from the event, because honestly, we (my kids and I), didn't spend too much time at the convention.. because they are still too small and the place is really crowded with all the sounds and visitors, also there's no place for them to rest. So I took the kids for a walk and play at the mall or sometimes we just stayed at the apartment and rest. 

This is the layout I made for him and also as my take on Studio Calico - Sunday Sketch

This it the detail photo when Mari E. Pangestu visited his booth.. so proud of him to be part of the creative industry. 

The layout tittle.

Some details..

Added a little notes attached at the back of the photos.

Last but not least, it is actually a little message for my husband. I actually do not know how clear he is about his path in the to industry.. so I just assuming that he is still trying to find his way, what kind of approach, advertisement, types of products or merchandise of his character that he want to produce.. he might still looking here and there and asking around a.k.a wandering.. so I guess it will be the right quote to describe his situation now and also as an encouragement. 

We love you :-)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Layout | Perfect Little Girl

I love Maggie Holmes, Crate Paper.. love the vintage aura they gave..
And I think it would be perfect for Clarice's ballet photos. These photos were taken by my husband while ago, and I love it so much, and I've been wanting to scrap it since.  But it got hold up with Project Life's catch up, wardrobe cleaning, desk cleaning and so on..

And a few days ago (September 12th' 2014), was actually her birthday and I think it would be a perfect gift and I have to make it (the layout) happen.
So I just made it this morning, I know this would be a belated birthday present.. but I do really hope that they will like it, I know my friend Lisa (the mother), love it when I show it to her (through Line messenger) this morning.
I have framed and going to give it to them tomorrow when we are going to watch circus together.

Here it is :
I used one of Flea Market paper that has music notes on, because I think it represent ballet and music. I misted it with Studio Calico gold mist and splatted some dots too..
I used a lot of mounted tape, to create some dimensions.
The embellishments were all also from Crate Paper, like the fabric bows, resin pins & the accent stickers I used below.

Love love love.. can't wait till my baby girl grow too..