Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My 28 List

Found this a while ago on Kelly Purkey’s blog and always wanted to make one for my own..
I should’ve made this after my last birthday.. but I hope it’s not to late if I make the list now.. it’s just that I have a shorter time to fulfill them all, because the deadline will be my upcoming birthday next year.. whoops! It’s only half a year a.k.a six months.. can I finish the list? Oh well, I’ll just write some that I have written on my notes a while ago.. some may have been done since I wrote it till now, but I’ll tell you which later..

Here’s my 28 list :

1. Lose weight
2. DO exercise
3. Learn to cook (I’m a wife now, I think it would be a plus if I can cook at least simple meals :-p )
4. Visit new places (3 new places at least)
5. Make new friends
6. Try something new (things / skills)
7. Be more organized
8. Use my LOMO cameras (at least shoot a roll of film)
9. Make a scrapbook (digital / traditional)
10. Earn some from my hobby
11. Make a mini book
12. Donate things I own that I don’t need anymore
13. Learn to wear make up
14. Make something out of felt
15. Save more (on cash)
16. Have a trip with my loved ones
17. Finish a project
18. See a show / concert
19. Bake a pastry from scratch
20. Watch great movies
21. Write everyday
22. Use my PIVI & Shelpy printer
23. Learn to let things go
24. Pray more (everyday)
25. Complete a month daily album (December for example)
26. Finish my shop’s stocks
27. Trust more
28. Make a family of three.. a.k.a get pregnant

So.. how about you? Do you have a list too? Is there anything you want to accomplish before your next birthday? Let me know :-)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

YAY! Finally the last batch is gointg to the oven..

Yep.. Like I have told you..
Our oven is really small that I have to divide the dough into three baking batches.. and tonight I finally baked the last one. :-)

This time, I made a smaller version than the 2nd, haha..
Well, my father in law & sister in law just got back from Singapore, so I thought it wouldn’t be enough for all of us if I make it too big.

I put a little extra effort & took some pictures of the baking process..
but I guess it’s me with a limited photography skill and the low light in the kitchen.. the photos are a bit blurry :-(
At least I still have some documentation of my cooking experience.. haha..


I like these pies..
I think I’m going to bake some again another time.. my hubby said please not in a short time, haha.. because we had it like three times in a row since I have to divide them to three batches.. :-p
He likes it though, in fact, he ate four pieces tonight! haha.. it feels so happy when your loved ones love the things you made for them, right?

Well, the next cooking project is pizza.
I just recently bought myself a pizza recipe book & just couldn’t wait to try it soon.. YAY!!

Hmm.. let’s take a rest tonight..
Good night all.. sweet dreams

Monday, November 28, 2011

Making Pear Raspberry Pie

Been craving for raspberry these last few weeks.. but the supermarket here has been out of stock for months.
So when my parents went abroad and planned to stop by at Jakarta, or when my brother who lives in Surabaya planned to come and my husband is about to go to Bandung.. I asked them, please bring some raspberries home with you.. hahaha..
And my husband and mother in law brought a LOT! 5 packs of raspberries!!! YAY!!! I wonder how can I finish them all..

But of course, I don’t want to be greedy and finish them all by myself :-p

I found this recipe on a back issue of Living magazine by Martha Stewart months ago, and I think it looks really delicious and if only I can find raspberries, I’m going to make some.. and yes, I did.

I made the pastry on Saturday night and save them in a fridge.. I think it’s not a really success dough, because it’s so easy to get soft. But the fridge helped a bit.

And yesterday, I made my first batch.
Please don’t compare the looks with Martha’s.. hahaha.. it’s really ugly >.<

I don’t have heart cookie cutter, so I used a saucer and made round shape pies.
I also have to divide it into three batches since the oven is really small, it can only cook 4 pieces of pies with 10 cm diameter.. oh well..
We had the first batch for my husband, mother in law and myself.. my mother in law said it’s yummy, sweet sour and crispy.. nice combination ;-)
My husband likes it too.. his comment is that it’s a little too big.. he got full for just one.. hahaha..

I still have some more pastry dough and filling, and I made some again this morning.
Cut them into smaller size and crimped the edges with a fork, which I thought it might give a better look and to seal the edges.

I’m pretty satisfied with the result.. my husband said it’s a bite size and yummy. He likes them!! YAY!!
He doesn’t really like sour food, you know.. but he likes this one.. so happy :-)
And all I need is to improve more on the looks, hahaha.. the size between the pies are different.. haha..
They make yummy breakfast though.. :-9

Here’s the recipe if you want to make some.

Enjoy your day!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

10 Things

1. I just watched Breaking Dawn : Part 1 with my hubby two days ago..
And I wonder, why does everybody always think that the girls who saw these Twilight saga series are the girls who are crazy about Edward Cullen, the vampire; or Jacob, the werewolf? I’m telling you, I’m not one of those girls.
Yes, I read the novels, all of them, but that just it. And yes, I watched the movies, but it’s only the matter of curiosity (of how it would be, whether it will be the same with the novels or not). And telling you the truth, I’m more a Harry Potter girl.. I love that book. I always end up reading the series each time the new movie comes out. And I will not get bored watching every time they were played on HBO, Star Movies, etc. I love Harry Potter!! haha..

2. I’ve been into Pinterest lately.. browsing through all the photos there, especially kid photos, toddlers’ toy ideas, craft ideas, D-I-Y ideas, kids photos, wedding photos, inspirational quotes, and many more..
You can follow mine and see the things I pinned (like), and you’re welcome to pin them too :-)

3. Since my first (failed) cupcake.. I feel like baking and baking more..
Well, I’m not a cook. And in fact, I can’t cook.. But I realize that I’m a wife and (soon) a mom, I have to be able at least cook an easy meals for my husband and future kids. I’m planning to try making mini raspberry pies and pizza tomorrow, wish me luck ;-)

4. The weather is so HOT today! Oh and I hate it. Well, being pregnant, our body temperature is a bit high, right?! And I’ve been sweating and my skin is sticky.. to make it worst, the air conditioner is not working like it’s used to be.. not cold at all.. arghh..

5. Although today is a really really hot day, I still feel a bit happy.. the baby’s been kicking all day.. probably saying “Relax Mom, be patient.. I’m here with you..” hahaha.. I love him. Oh yea.. we forgot to visit the doctor today, we missed the appointment. I’ll have to make another one for Monday or Tuesday.

6. Sometimes I forgot to forget..
Have you ever been hurt? I guess everybody’s been hurt, for at least once in their life. And I got to say, I have. I’ve already forgiven about it, but I think sometimes I’m still afraid (or maybe traumatic), that it may happen again. And that’s how I forgot to forget.

7. YAY!! The packages just came in today. The mini chipboard albums I ordered just came.. but my paper hasn’t.. :-(
I’d love to make a lot of pretty mini albums for little boys, little girls and cute couples, hehe.. wish me luck!

8. I enjoy watching the new Star Movies serial comedy, New Girl. It is said to be the next comedy series that will become as phenomenal as Friends. Well, watching today’s episode (P is for PEN…), it is really hilarious!! My husband stared at me while I’m busting into laugh through the episode (he was busy on his laptop and iPhone, so he didn’t really notice what I’m watching and just a bit shocked when I laughed hard :-p). I think I’m going to follow the series, since I like Zooey Deschanel too.. love the tone of her voice, her eyes and her character here ;-)

9. I’d like to find a 1 x 2 meters baby crib for my soon-coming little baby.. I wish I could give him his own nursery room.
Or maybe, his own kiddos room and a nursery for a little brother / sister. *fingers crossed.

10. Last, I’d love to share this with you..
Stay creative and always be inspired everyday.

Good night everyone.. sweet dreams..

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Pregnancy Mini Book - WIP Sneak Peak

This is a sneak peak of the project I currently working on.. a mini book of my pregnancy :-)

It all started when we brought home a lot of ultrasound photos after a visit to the doctor. I was about to put it in a photo album, but then I thought.. hey.. I bought a lot of paper and embellishment supplies already, why don’t I try make a little journal for my pregnancy.. ;-) right?! So I started cutting 12″ x 12″ scrapbook papers in to 4″ x 6″ and yap.. it’s too small for the 4D ultrasound.. :-(

I took some A4 thick plain papers and divided them in two for the pages.. and stick the 4″ x 6″ papers I cut before on them.. I thought they will make a nice accent.

Then, I started to stick photos, a little notes about each visits, made a little envelope for memorabilia (such as my pregnancy test-strips), made a semi-accordion page, etc..
These are some of the pictures of the projects.. I don’t know how to explain each thing I did on the mini album, so I hope the pictures can tell :-p

This page is going to be the cover, I haven’t attach any embellishment tho.. still looking for an inspiration, I guess :-p

The first page.. 1st visit to the doctor..
We went to two doctors, the first one did an ultrasound (USG), but we couldn’t see anything because the baby fetus was still so small I guess, so I took the urine test.
The second doctor (only) touched my stomach and said.. “ahh it’s still too small to be seen on USG, we’ll have it next month, ok? For now, just do the urine test.”
And yap, I have a few strips of self pregnancy test, hahaha.. two I did by myself and another two from the doctor.. I kept them all in that tiny envelope ;-)

This one is from the 5th month, when we finally figure out the baby’s gender.. and it’s a BOY!
My husband wanted a girl at first, but when we found out that it’s a boy, he couldn’t help to be happy too.. since he’ll get a tiny sidekick playing games (and probably doing some mischief), hahahaha..

I just bought some clear stamps, so I decided to try it on this page :-) pretty satisfied with what I did.
I can’t wait till the next doctor visit and the labor time.. I surely going to treasure this one. :-)

I’ll post some more details on the pregnancy mini book next time, so you’ll be able to picture how it’s going to look like when it finished. *so excited* (the baby just kicked, I think he’s excited too >.< ).

Good night ya’ll.. have a wonderful dream..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Very First Baking Attempt..

I’ve been wanting to bake cupcakes since I don’t know when.. Had a craving for cupcakes, but I still can’t find a decent cupcake store here (in my home town) like those ones in Jakarta or Surabaya..

My hubby is in Jakarta right now and I hope he’ll be bringing some home tomorrow.. YAY! :-)

But today.. I feel like baking one..
Found a red velvet cupcake recipe on Joy of Baking about a week ago and dreaming about baking some of my own..
I have never bake a cake before, except those time when I attended cooking classes, but still.. I didn’t do it on my own, the teacher helped me.
So, I bought some ingredients yesterday & yup.. this morning.. I baked a batch of red velvet cupcakes.

After 2 hours struggling in the kitchen and taraaaaa…

My husband said the shape is a mess.. hahah.. I cannot say that they’re pretty too.. haha..
I think I put too much cake batter in the muffin cup too :-p
Another lesson learned.. I must have put the cake on the middle tray.. I put it below, so yea.. got the base of the cupcakes burned.
They taste okay though.. :-p
I left some in the fridge for my husband to try when he come home tomorrow.

Too bad I messed the cream cheese frosting.. it won’t go thick, I don’t know why.. but I’m going to try to make some again next time, and I hope it will be more successful :-)

Click here for the recipe if you would like to try baking some too.
Enjoy the rest of the day!

I’m sure I’m going to enjoy mine with a cup of coffee & my cupcakes :-)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

10 Things

I’ve been wanting to make a journal or daily routine notes like I said I would, but yea.. it’s not working out like I expected. I started it one day, but the forgot about on the next until more than a month.. sigh.. I guess I’m not that committed enough to do those things.

I was browsing again today and found out, that there seems to be one thing that the bloggers do, they tell 10 things about themselves. They might be feelings, thoughts, sources of inspiration, photos, ideas, and just anything..

I think I’m going to try this today.. so, here I go..

1. That’s a photo of me and my husband, Indra. We just got married last October 10th, 2010. We already celebrate our 1st anniversary and now, we’re 7 months 1 day pregnant and it’s a baby boy :-) The baby will due on February 2012, so looking forward to it. I hope I can give birth normally and I also hope we both (my husband and I) can become a good parent.

2. I like Instant photos.. I have 1 Polaroid camera, 3 Fuji Instax Cameras (7s Choco, 50s Piano Black and Wide 210). I also influenced my brother, sister-in-laws and friends to have one too. And I made a little profit selling some cameras, refills and accessories in my little online shop.

3. I’m so into scrapbook now.. I spent a lot of cash to buy some of scrapbook supplies and tools already.. already made 3 sheets of 12″x12″ ready made pages to give to my friends as you can see on my previous posts. And I’m planning to make cute mini books after this.. I hope I can make my hobby into a little business :-p

4. I’m in the middle of making another 12″x12″ page layout. One of my friend saw the one I made the last time and she asked if I can make another one for her. So I told her I can make another one, but it won’t be the same exact layout since I don’t have the same paper anymore.. I said I’m going to make another one, and she can take it if she likes it. Now I’m a bit stuck with the design, haha.. Does an amateur in scrapbooking always face this?

5. My husband is going to Jakarta and Bandung tomorrow for CCTV training, and I’ll be at home alone with my sister-in-law. But I think I’ll be spending a few nights at my parents house.. miss spending time with them.. well, since getting married, you won’t be going home to your parents too often right? Got new duties and works to do :p

6. Since I’m already 7 months pregnant, it means.. shopping time!!! In Chinese tradition (I don’t know about other beliefs), they said when we got pregnant, we cannot directly prepare things for the coming child at the early stages of pregnancy. We have to wait until we’re at least 7 months pregnant.
I don’t know the reasons behind this belief, but to think about it logically.. in the early stages, the 1st trimester for example, we haven’t know our child gender right? What if we ended up buying pink flowery baby clothes for a baby boy? It would be a waste of money.. So yea.. I can’t wait to shop for my baby boy needs!!! 0(>.<)0

7. We’re planning to go to a durian park tomorrow. I’ve never been there before.. but my friends said it’s nice and they have a small restaurant there. We might go there together tomorrow for lunch, right before driving my hubby to the airport. For sure, I’m going to bring my Instax cameras (the wide and mini ones) to save some memories of 7th month preggies and probably going to make it into scrapbook ;-)

8. My little brother, Sean just got himself a new cell phone, Blackberry. Well, it’s not a new unit, just the one that my other brother, Didiet, used to have. Sean is down syndrome, but I think he’s pretty smart for a kid with DS. Maybe because he has DS too that my parents are a bit spoiling him, how you think an 11 year-old can get a Blackberry phone? But it’s for a good purpose, he chats with me last night, he still cannot use space bar and dots or comas well, but he knows what he is talking about. So I guess it’s good because he can still learn to read and write with it.
We warned him not to take it to school or lend it to anybody though.. :-)

9. It’s just started to rain hard here.. the weather is so unpredictable nowadays.. it could be really hot in the morning till noon, but rain really hard in the evening or vice versa. Better take care, peeps! Don’t get sick.

10.I’m craving for cupcakes.. especially after I saw that episode about making cupcakes on Master chef US last night. I’ve googled some recipes, going to buy some ingredients like tomorrow and work on it on Monday I guess. Hmm.. I hope I can make a good decent one, since it is my first time baking!! *fingers crossed :-p

Pheww.. I’m glad I can finish this 10 things ;-) Now I’m going to continue my work and probably arrange my office cabinet if I had time. If there’s more, I might going to finish my scrapbook too :-)

Have a great weekend, peeps!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flowery Page for the Little Princess, Chloe

Another ready made page project I made for a friend’s 1st Birthday :-)
She had her birthday last Sunday, 13 November 2011, but I just finished this today.. ouww.. bad bad me :-p

I made this from Basic Grey, Olivia Collection page-Kit.
I followed the layout provided there and since the photo space I provide is slightly bigger than the instruction said, I made some adjustment to the embellishment. I used only some of the embellishment provided and changed some with Prima Marketing flowers and some beads from my stash.

And last.. of course, more glitters to add an extra girlies look on the page. I’m pretty satisfied with the result. I hope my friends will love it too!
A sweet flowery scrapbook page for the cute little princess.

* The complete page

* Put in frame

* Details on the flowers :-)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My First 12" x 12" Scrapbook Page

Yay!! Finally finished my very first 12″x12″ scrapbook page.
I made it a while ago to give to my friend for her new born son.. It’s already finished last October actually, the frame just came in two weeks ago, but I still feel that there’s something missing..

So when I was working for the 2nd project (another 12″x12″ ready-made-page for my friend’s daughter 1st birthday), I bought a glitter set.. So I added some glitter here and there till I feel that it’s good to go.. hahaha..

I hope she like it tho :-)

This is the photo of the whole page & frame.. I took the photo with my iPhone & put it in my Instagram :-)

These two are the details I took :-)

Can you see the glittery effect on the giraffe? I love it :-)

Mini Book #02 in Progress

I’m currently so into mini books.. well, honestly because sometimes I have no idea what to put on 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper.. :P
Yea, I know I have saved a lot of layouts, people’s works on the web as an inspiration, but it’s still a bit hard to execute the ideas sometimes.

So yea.. I had these mini chipboard albums I bought when I went to Surabaya the last time, I feel like making something out of it..
And yap, the idea got stuck again..

This is what I came up so far..
I’m going to find some embellishment and plain card stock to go along with it. I hope it will come up good..

Oh yea.. if you notice, I wrote Mini Book 02 on the title, so where’s no #01??
I made a baby boy mini album for my soon coming (Feb’2012) baby boy, it’s not yet finished also because I want some of the embellishment to be on top of the photos (whish I don’t have yet, because the baby is still in my belly :p ), but I’m going to take some photos to share here.. soon.. :)

Ok then, back to work.

Enjoy your day!